2023 LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Development Programme for Young Change Leaders

2023 LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Development Programme for Young Change Leaders

2023 LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Development Programme for Young Change Leaders.

2023 LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Development Programme for Young Change Leaders

The LEAP Africa Youth Leadership Development Programme empowers young Nigerian undergraduates under 30 to become self-leaders and bring lasting change to their communities. With an emphasis on leadership, active citizenship, and sustainable development, the program is particularly relevant as Nigeria approaches an election year. The program will strengthen youth leadership and activism through policy engagement and inclusive resources to shape the country’s long-term development plans.


To successfully apply for the LEAP Africa YLDP, an applicant should possess the following qualities:

  • A Male or Female Undergraduate in a Tertiary/Vocational Institution in Nigeria.
  • Aged 18 – 30 years
  • Passionate about advocacy, activism and community development
  • Interested in inclusion, diversity and civic responsibility and eager to exercise these interests
  • Eager to champion change projects geared towards community development & the SDGs
  • Eager to engage with government institutions and influence policy
  • Committed to attending the Online Training, Debates and is available for mentoring

Program Components

Virtual Training on our Learning Management System (LMS)

Participants are onboarded onto the LMS to gain access to the modules. The modules are developed under the three pillars of the Youth Leadership Programme; Leadership, Active Citizenship, and Sustainable/Community Development. Participants have 5 weeks to complete the modules.

Virtual Community of Practice

Participants are incorporated into a virtual community of practice, an online community where learning materials, programme updates, and other opportunities for development are exchanged. Collaboration and information exchange are promoted here.

Change Project Pitching Sessions, Mentorship, and Implementation

The participants will be encouraged to form teams of 3-5 persons who will pitch their proposals for community change projects that tackle social issues. 100 successful teams will be selected to receive funding/subgrants and will also be paired with mentors to further aid their development and influence the excellent implementation of their projects.

Leadership Debates

Participants who choose to take part in the debates will also be asked to form teams and submit video entries for the debate competition. The competition will take place in 5 rounds which are:  Elimination round 1&2, quarter finals, semi-finals and finals. To further prepare them for the competition, participants will be taught policy accelerator courses by expert professionals, and the goal of this is to build their debating skills and boost their  knowledge of civic participation.

Youth Leadership Conference

The Youth Leadership Programme will conclude with a physical Debate National Finale and Awards Ceremony. This will be an opportunity to reward participants/teams and institutions for their work over the course of five months.


The Youth Leadership Development Programme comprises 22 modules centered on the three pillars of the programme which are Leadership, Active citizenship and Sustainable/Community development. The modules have been carefully designed and tailored to address the current realities of young people in Nigeria to fix the gaps in leadership, active citizenship and sustainable/community development. The modules will help equip the participants with the knowledge, skills and attitudes they need to become true change makers that lead community change and influence policy change.

For More Information, Visit the Official Webpage

Application Deadline: February 10, 2023

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