9-Year-Old Boy Caught Driving On Major Highway

9 Year Old Boy Caught Driving On Major Highway


9-Year-Old Boy Caught Driving On Major Highway. 

9 Year Old Boy Caught Driving On Major Highway

Traffic police officers were left dumbfounded after they pursued a motorist in Athi River only to discover it was an underage boy behind the wheel.

The incident happened along Mombasa Road in Kenya.

The young man was taken to the Athi river station accompanied by the two minors before they were taken to school by police officers in a police car.

The police while on patrol noticed a minor driving a private saloon car dressed in school uniform. Another sibling was also in the car.

When the nine-year-old boy was flagged down by traffic police to stop, the boy accelerated and sped towards Athi River.

The father of the boy identified as Walter Musyimi was seated in the co-driver seat watching while the younger sibling, a girl was in the back seat.

Police pursued the vehicle as the 9-year-old sped off.  As the boy attempted to enter their school compound, the police caught up with them, impounded the vehicle, and arrested the driver.

Athi River sub-county police commander Mary Njoki told K24 that;

“they arrested the father and he was taken to Athi River police station whereby he will be taken to court to answer to charges of Traffic Act.”

She further cautioned parents not to be tempted to permit minors to drive their vehicles.

“Parents should resist allowing underage children to drive vehicles. It is against the law The law requires that one get a license and a license is issued to anyone of the age of 18 years and above.”

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In a separate video, the father of the child speaks to someone on the phone saying;

“Trevor was the one driving the car, so and the traffic police stopped me.”

The car has been impounded pending the determination of the court case.


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