African Women Increase Chances Of Giving Birth To Twins With Okra Water

African women increase their chances of giving birth to twins with okra water

African women increase their chances of giving birth to twins with okra water. 

  • A study conducted by Lagos’ University Teaching Hospital on Igbo-Ora women reveals
African women increase their chances of giving birth to twins with okra water
African twins. Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons/KDJAM

Using okra water to boost ovulation by many African women has been a long-standing practice in traditional homes. The ingredients in okra are believed to increase the eggs during ovulation and any user of this potion stands the chance of multiple births.

The application of okra water may have stemmed from native African wisdom; studies suggest the vegetable increases fertility and boosts ovulation. Okra is believed to be high in vitamins such as vitamins C and folic acid which have also been shown to improve ovulation.

The recipe for increasing your eggs during ovulation is quite simple. After buying okra from the market center, you wash and slice it into any shape or form you prefer. The next stage is to immerse the slices of okra in water and store it in a cool place overnight and drink it later after you have completed the separation process of okra from the water.

A study conducted by Lagos University Teaching Hospital on Igbo-Ora women and reported by Talk Africana revealed that the women who reported to the facility witnessed a high rate of giving birth to twins because of the use of okra water.

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The researchers found out that the rate of women giving birth to twins in Oyo state was about four times higher than in any part of the world. The study explained that the high level of chemicals found in okra leaves was heavy in the fluid of Igbo-Ora women and is the reason for the high rate of twinning among them.

Studies have also found that pregnant women who consume okra tend to improve prenatal multivitamins and their fertility, according to 9jafoods. For those making attempts to conceive, okra must play a major role in your diet. For women suffering from diabetes, it is believed that okra water can help improve their chances of conceiving.

The origin of okra remains largely unknown, but, historians trace the first seeds of the okra plant to Ethiopia in the early 12th century BC.

Many African homes are conversant with the usage of okra as it’s one vegetable used to blend soups and stews to give it a sticky texture, but, it has more usage than its edible qualities. Consumption of okra has been medically proven to promote healthy pregnancy and reduce the extent of birth defects in the brain and spine of fetuses.

Pregnant women may take a bit of okra daily to reduce the risk of miscarriage and neural tube defects in babies.

The American Heart Association recommends okra intake to improve blood sugar and the health of one’s heart. This is backed by many medical studies which have shown that okra may help control blood sugar levels.

Okra has a high fiber intake and promotes better glycemic control which is good for blood sugar control. The antioxidants in okra are known to prevent and in some cases repair cell damage and prevent cancer cell growth in humans. Studies have shown that okra reduces breast cancer growth by 63%.

Okra usage is the cheapest means to boost immunity because of its Vitamin C content.

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