BBNaija S7: Housemates Spill About ‘Ships’ In Big Brother’s House

BBNaija S7: Housemates Spill About 'Ships' In Big Brother's House

BBNaija S7: Housemates Spill About ‘Ships’ In Big Brother’s House. 

BBNaija S7: Housemates Spill About 'Ships' In Big Brother's House

With a total of eight ships and some “almost ships” that we have seen in Biggie’s House so far, it was only a matter of time until Big Brother probed Housemates for the tea, and boy did they spill 😉.

During today’s Dairy Sessions, the Housemates weighed in on the different ships as well as give an analysis on how they think being in a ship would affect the shippers’ game plan, especially since shippers are getting a lot cozier.

Bella, who is also in a ship herself said,

“I don’t think it affects anything Big Brother. I mean, whatever is meant to happen will happen…it’s almost impossible not to form a relationship, bond or a close friendship with someone in the House because it’s not easy to do this alone.”

No surprise there 😂.

Chomzy gave the impression that she hadn’t given the ships in the House much thought as she said,

“if their ships affect Housemates’ games in House, it’s up to them Biggie.”

Eloswag on the other hand had this to say about ‘ships’ in big brother’s house,

“I think those in ships are not enjoying their time in the House. It’s good that they found each other and it would be better if they carry on being with each other outside of the House, but for now, I think it’s just a distraction.”

Outside perception

Housemates seemed to be giving a lot of thought to what those on the outside must think of them.

Another shipper, Phyna told Biggie that the ships in the House are making her feel uncomfortable because they are in the Game to entertain people.

“The fact that people are making it me and my boyfriend, me and my girlfriend too much is now limiting what we are supposed to do,” Phyna said.

She added that she wished those in ships would stop clinging to one another and become more vibey, especially since Ebuka has said he fell asleep during the Thursday Night Pool Party last week, which is something that disturbed her.

Chizzy voiced out his frustration over the ships in the House. He thought that Housemates jumped into ships simply because they were lonely. He told Biggie that the frustrating part was that, he wasn’t able to do his job as a Rider.

Some Housemates had a nonchalant attitude toward shippers and their ships and didn’t really have anything to spill about ‘ships’ in Big Brother’s House.

Rachel couldn’t give Big Brother an analysis of how the ships in the House could affect the shipper’s games. She told Big Brother that it would have been easier to judge if she were on the outside.

Watch the Video below;

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