Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Would Like To Be The One To Checkmate Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Would Like To Be The One To Checkmate Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Would Like To Be The One To Checkmate Messi.

Cristiano Ronaldo Says He Would Like To Be The One To Checkmate Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo might be one of the biggest stars at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, but the Portugal captain has made headlines for his off the field actions in recent weeks.

The striker took part in an explosive interview with British journalist Piers Morgan, harshly criticizing his current club Manchester United with many believing he has burned his bridges with the club once and for all.

One of the fallouts of the interview was allegedly a rift with fellow United player Bruno Fernandes. However, Ronaldo made an unscheduled appearance at a Portugal press conference to clear the air.

“Time is always time,” Ronaldo said.

?”Sometimes you write truths, sometimes you write lies. I don’t have to worry about what others think. I speak when I want to.

“Everybody knows who I am, what I believe in. I speak when I want to, I’m bulletproof.”

Having been on a the bench for a large part of the season, Ronaldo’s form was seen as a bit of a concern, the striker however said there is no such issue.

“I’m already recovered, I feel ready to start the World Cup in the best way and achieve the objectives,” Ronaldo continued.

“My memories are good and others not so good, but like everything in life. World Cups are something different. The world stops. Everyone wants to see you play and talk about the competition.”

Ronaldo also stated that he would like to checkmate Lionel Messi on the field of play after beating him in a friendly chess game.

“It will be my fifth World Cup, I am focused and very confident that I will do well,” Ronaldo said.

“We’re check-mating in life, not just in chess. I would like to be the one to checkmate Messi. Let’s see. It would be nice. Since it happened in a game of chess, in football it would be more.”

Ronaldo also elaborated on the recent ad that was aired, which featured the pair of them.

“It was a campaign I wanted to do, a campaign I had been looking for for a long time,” Ronaldo continued.

“It was a source of pride.”

Ronaldo again insisted he had no problems with any of his teammates and took no issue with Iker Casillas’ recent comments about him.

“Iker I have a great relationship,” Ronaldo stated.

“We played together and won jobs. We know how it works in the press, what is said is often for relevance. I agree with him and I hope to prove it once again.

“My motivation is day after day and to go out in the street and see the joy of the children when they see me. These pre-tournament phases always have controversy, but my relationship with him is excellent.

“Everything about Cristiano always generates debates. But I insist: my relationship with the whole team is excellent, with Bruno, with Cancelo, with Joao Felix. And I take this opportunity, don’t ask the players about Cristiano. Ask about them and Portugal.”

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