Ebonyi: Man Caught Raping His Neighbour’s 12-Year-Old Mentally Unstable Daughter


Ebonyi: Man Caught Raping His Neighbour’s 12-Year-Old Mentally Unstable Daughter.

Ebonyi: Man Caught Raping His Neighbour’s 12-Year-Old Mentally Unstable Daughter

A 42-Year-Old Man Identified as DonChris John was allegedly caught raping the 12-year-old mentally unstable daughter of his neighbor in Ebonyi State.

Chairman of Human Rights Defenders (HURIDE) Sampson Oko Nweke, who disclosed this on Facebook, said the incident happened on Saturday, August 6, in Inyere community, Ezza North Local Government Area of the State.

According to Mr. Nweke, The Victim was sent on an errand when the suspect allegedly lured her to his house and raped her.

The Suspect confessed to the crime, claiming that the girl told him that they should ‘do something’.

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Read The Full Report Below:

This Man Here was caught raping a 12yr Old Mentally Unstable Girl, the daughter of his close neighbor. The 42yr randy old man gave his name as DonChris John from Onunweke Inyere.

The little girl was said to have been sent on an errand by his father when Mr. John intercepted, induced, and raped her. It was the wailing of the girl that attracted neighbors who rushed to John’s house and shockingly caught him in the act.

The neighbors successfully disentangled the victim from her rapist and immediately dialed the Human Rights Defenders (HURIDE) after they had arranged with Ebubeagu to guard him against escaping. The call came some minutes before 5 pm but HURIDE got there a few minutes before 6 pm. It was above an hour’s drive.

The Alleged Rapist, Mr. Don Christian John admittedly confessed to HURIDE;

“I saw one small girl going somewhere, a daughter of (name withheld); I called her to come and help me peel cassava. While she was helping me peel my cassava, she told me she was hungry. As I went inside to bring the food, she followed me to eat and she followed me. She said to me that after eating the food we will do something (have sex) and I accepted. When I pressed her breast, she started shouting. I actually inserted my pe*nis, but it did not enter very well” before passers-by besieged my house,” he said.

Meanwhile, HURIDE, with the help of some Village leaders and Ebubeagu security men, ensured the suspect was taken to a nearby Achiagu police station from where he will be transferred appropriately for onward trials.

The girl is being brought to Abakaliki for medical screenings, possible treatments, and proper counseling.

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