How An 18-Year Old Girl Was Sleeping With Her Stepfather 

How An 18-Year-Old Girl Was Sleeping With Her Stepfather

How An 18-Year-Old Girl Was Sleeping With Her Stepfather.

How 18-Year-Old Girl Was Sleeping With Her Stepfather

A shocking revelation on TV3’s confession show last night jolted the audience as a lady narrated how her 18-year-old daughter has been sleeping with her husband, the daughter’s stepfather.

According to the traumatized woman, she had married her husband and moved into her matrimonial home with her 18-year-old daughter.

She explained that the husband had been providing everything for the 18-year-old daughter like his biological daughter.

The woman found out her 18-year-old daughter had been sleeping with her stepfather when they decided to change her to a new mobile phone.

After going through the phone of the 18-year daughter, she discovered that the two have been chatting about how they had sex on several occasions.

What is even more shocking is that the 18-year-old daughter invited her friends to also come and satisfy her stepfather sexually.

After discovering this, the woman confronted her 18-year-old daughter who confessed to the act and appeared remorseful.


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The woman then connived with the 18-year-old daughter to report the case as a rape case and the husband was arrested and jailed for 10 years.

But, the woman now regrets her decision and looking for advice on how to deal with this as the man has only spent 2 years.

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