How Your Business Can Leverage Change as an Opportunity Using IT

How Your Business Can Leverage Change as an Opportunity Using IT

How your business can leverage change as an opportunity using IT.

 How Your Business Can Leverage Change as an Opportunity Using IT

Given the dynamics and speed of business change, understanding how information systems can be managed to the utmost advantage of an organization is a key factor for every business or organization to be innovative in the 21st century and deliver value.

In this era of “big data”, “social media”, “cloud computing” and “pervasive computing devices”, every business needs IT and governance professionals who possess the ability to quickly identify, recognize and leverage “change”. This is important because as business dynamics, and trends change, any disruption or big unexpected occurrence could make or mar your business.

Time and speed are vital in recognizing when “change” is taking place by monitoring the enormous data pool at a business’ disposal. If this is done, a business can innovate at any critical juncture by changing the direction of its business in terms of operations, products, and services. This is the essence of business analytics where big data tools are employed in real-time to propel timely and accurate interventions.

Whose Duty is it to Oversee Business Change Management?

IT strategy and governance roles must rest squarely on the shoulders of professionals who understand how information systems augment business operations. You must have one or more key persons knowledgeable in information management processes including how to administer, control, and allocate business resources to areas of higher productivity and better results using sound business strategies.

IT governance cuts across every organizational unit from the board of directors to executive management, staff, customers, communities, regulators, and investors. A person in this role would help your business identify change signals quickly and establish connections to your business systems that help in achieving business success.

Also, with IT governance principles in place, managing organizational issues that shape the moral conduct of your business becomes easy, guiding the conscience of staff in meeting their core mandates. Some other organizational issues handled by your business’ IT governance professionals are business change management, culture issues, community, and race relations.

What Skills Should you Hire for Effective Change Management in Your Business?

The relevant skills to be sought after when looking for the right people to drive your business to leverage change effectively as an opportunity for growth are in domains such as business process improvement, enterprise and business architecture development, business risk management, sustainability strategy, innovation and research, and business change management.

Such a role is a senior management leadership position in which the business’ operational processes, policies, strategies, and plans are determined, then integrated into the overall IT infrastructure. Then, IT is utilized to drive the business towards greater efficiency and profitability.


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