Hunter Biden’s Troubled Life: Alcoholism, Drugs, and Divorce

Hunter Biden's Troubled Life: Alcoholism, Drugs, and Divorce

Hunter Biden’s Troubled Life: Alcoholism, Drugs, and Divorce.

Hunter Biden's Troubled Life: Alcoholism, Drugs, and Divorce

Washington, D.C., September 15, 2023 – Hunter Biden, son of US President Joe Biden, has faced many legal and personal challenges throughout his life, overshadowed by addiction and controversy.

The recent federal gun charges against him, alleging the illegal purchase of a firearm while addicted to crack cocaine in 2018, further complicate his already tumultuous journey.

Early Tragedy and Easy Access

Hunter Biden’s childhood was marred by a devastating tragedy—the 1972 car crash that claimed the lives of his mother and infant sister. At just three years old, he and his older brother Beau survived the crash but suffered injuries. Raised as the son of an ambitious senator, Hunter grew up with access to the American elite.

From Yale to Struggles

A graduate of Yale Law School, Hunter ventured through various roles in government, banking, and lobbying, eventually becoming involved in a family-controlled hedge fund. He also established his international business consultancy in the late 2000s. However, his life was overshadowed by alcoholism, drug addiction, and multiple stints in rehabilitation.

Tragic Loss and Downward Spiral

In 2015, Hunter faced another devastating blow with the death of his brother Beau at 46, who had built a remarkable reputation in the military and politics.

Beau’s passing hit Hunter hard, leading to an intensification of his drug use. By 2017, during the final year of his father’s second term as vice president, Hunter’s struggles reached a critical point.

Divorce and Scandal

Hunter’s marriage disintegrated, resulting in him losing custody of his three daughters.

He became romantically involved with Beau’s widow, fathered a child with a woman in Arkansas, and faced public exposure when personal files, emails, and explicit photos from his laptop were made public by political adversaries.

Additionally, he came under investigation by the Justice Department for his earnings from overseas investments.

Support from Joe Biden

Throughout these trials, Joe Biden, Hunter’s father, has consistently defended and supported his troubled son.

Despite taunts from political opponents, Joe Biden openly acknowledged Hunter’s past struggles with addiction and his path to recovery.

Joe Biden responded to taunts from Donald Trump during their 2020 election battle, saying: “My son, like a lot of people … had a drug problem.

“He’s overtaken it, he’s fixed it, he’s worked on it. And I’m proud of him. I’m proud of my son,” he said.

“He never abandoned me, never shunned me, never judged me, no matter how bad things got,” Hunter wrote.

“There were times when his persistence infuriated me — I’d attempt to fade to black through alcoholism or drug addiction, and then there he was, barging in again with his lantern, shining a light, disrupting my plans to disappear,” he said.

In Hunter’s 2020 memoir, “Beautiful Things,” he recounted his battles with addiction and credited his father’s unwavering love and intervention for helping him turn his life around.

Today, Hunter Biden claims to be in recovery and has embraced painting as a creative outlet. Despite controversies surrounding the sale of his artwork, he emphasizes the role of his father’s “unconditional love” in his journey to overcome addiction and rebuild his life.

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