I Just Discovered That My Wife Has Been Cheating On Me – Man Cries

I Just Discovered That My Wife Has Been Cheating On Me – Man Cries

I Just Discovered That My Wife Has Been Cheating On Me – Man Cries.

I Just Discovered That My Wife Has Been Cheating On Me – Man Cries

A Nigerian man has taken to a forum to reveal that his wife has been cheating on him.

The man said he doesn’t know the next step to take after making the discovery.

Read his story below:

“Please I need honest suggestions. My wife has had several male platonic friends ever since we met. She became friends with others through me. I trusted her because she’s a very sociable person, so I wasn’t bothered because I know a lot of ladies that have male friends too. She’s been open to me about them.

“Recently, something happened. A close female friend of hers (also married) started keeping her at arm’s length. My wife didn’t know what the problem was until information got to her that this friend of hers was going about telling people that she could no longer be friends with her because she’s sleeping around with men indiscriminately.

“My wife confronted her with this information, for which she denied. But the informant, who was also invited, insisted that she actually said it. Before this time, my wife would always complain that each time she visits her friend, she would knock on the door but nobody would respond. This happened repeatedly until her tenant told my wife in confidence that his landlady was always around each time she visits.

“Recently, I discovered that my wife was actually having amorous relationship with her male friends. I have access to her messeinger and I have seen those amorous chats. She would delete the ones that could implicate her. A male friend of hers even sent her adult videos and she told him to send more, that she was enjoying it. This man went further to send her his masturbation video.

“I confronted my wife with these and what people told me, but she denied. After putting much pressure on her, she said she was about to do it, not that she actually did it. I asked her the reason and she said that it was because of the hardship we were facing. Since her business collapsed, it’s been very difficult to survive with our four children. I’m the only one fending for the family. Even after confronting her, I discovered that she’s still into the act.

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Given the above scenario, what should I do? Please I want only healthy comments that will help me make my decision. Thanks.

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