Peter Obi Deceiving Everybody – APC Director, Dele Alake

Peter Obi Deceiving Everybody – APC Director, Dele Alake

Peter Obi Deceiving Everybody – APC Director, Dele Alake. 

Peter Obi Deceiving Everybody – APC Director, Dele Alake

The Director of Strategic Communication for the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential campaign council, Dele Alake, has said that Peter Obi, the Labour Party Presidential candidate is deceiving everybody.

Following the backlash from the comments he made, he has vowed he would not apologize to supporters of Peter Obi, over the recent comments he made about Obi ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Alake who was a guest on NEWS CENTRAL TV was asked if he will retract some of the statements he made against Obi as his supporters, popularly called “Obidients” are unhappy with him.

In his response, he said,

“I said so many things about Peter Obi and I cannot take anything back because everything I said is the truth. I speak with conviction and I’m not a propagandist. I’m a publicist. There is a wide difference between propaganda and publicity. Publicity is anchored on the action, verifiable facts, and empiricism. Now propaganda can be vacuous, amorphous, nebulous, actually neither here nor there”.

“So, whatever I say about Tinubu is anchored on empiricism and verifiable facts. I cannot take anything back about Obi. I said Obi said he wants to move Nigeria back from consumption to production and I said that is not true. He cannot do it because his own business survives on consumption. Is that a lie? He has been an importer and I said he deals with cash and carry economics; container economics, imports”.

“All the goods that can be produced in Nigeria, Obi imports them in his supermarkets. That is consumption economics. That kind of person cannot tell you that he is moving you from consumption to production. He will then be committing self-economic suicide and Obi will not do that to himself”.

“So, Obi is deceiving everybody and I can’t take that back because that is true.

“What I said about Asiwaju, I gave examples of his vision, knowledge, and courage. There is none about Obi. You can’t point to any enduring legacy of Obi in his eight years as governor of Anambra”.

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