Soyinka’s Seadogs Confraternity Debunks Partisanship on Anti-Tinubu Song

Soyinka's Seadogs Confraternity Debunks Partisanship on Anti-Tinubu Song

Soyinka’s Seadogs Confraternity Debunks Partisanship on Anti-Tinubu Song.

Soyinka's Seadogs Confraternity Debunks Partisanship on Anti-Tinubu Song

The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) has debunked claims in certain quarters, insinuating the organisation is being partisan.

They have come out to say NAS (PC) is not backing any candidate for the office of the president or any other office in the 2023 general elections, adding that the video song which went viral on social media a few days ago was taken out of context.

The NAS CAP’N, Abiola Owoaje, told the media in Lagos that contrary to the manner certain aspects of the video were being portrayed, no aspect of the procession or the event itself was political, rather it was the typical climax of the association’s annual general meeting.

“The National Association of Seadogs (Pyrates Confraternity) does not mock or discriminate against the physical condition of any person, Never, It is an unfair characterisation and offends everything that we stand for, indeed, this would cause offence to even our own members that are also, unfortunately, afflicted that this would never be condoned,” he said.

”It is most unfortunate that political capital is being made of this with interpretations that are totally at variance with the philosophy of the Pyrates Confraternity. Unequivocally, we condemn this in very strong terms.”

Owoaja maintained the organisation is apolitical in its activities and never had any preferred candidate in political elections including the upcoming 2023 general elections.

He said PC members belong to different political parties and so, free to support their own preferred candidates.

“As an organisation in tune with disadvantaged and voiceless people, we are committed to the enthronement of a just society in which no one is discriminated against based on tribe, religion, gender or disability. We are against conventions that are moribund. We have always stood for Humanistic ideals, comradeship and chivalry. Nothing that has happened can and will change that posture.

“We are determined to continue to use our social programmes, intellectual platforms and our compelling songs to advocate for good governance and accountability,” he added.

Recall we reported earlier how Professor Wole Soyinka, Capon Blood and Spiritual head of Pyrates Confraternity distanced himself from any mockery Of Tinubu.

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