WATCH: IDF Paratroopers Prepare for War

WATCH: IDF Paratroopers Prepare for War

WATCH: IDF Paratroopers Prepare for War.

WATCH: IDF Paratroopers Prepare for War with Hezbollah

As hostilities increase in Israel with the military operations taking place in Gaza by the Israeli Defence Forces, IDF paratroopers are making sure Israel will come away successful if and when a war with Hezbollah takes place.

In recent weeks, Israeli-Lebanese tensions have been rising over maritime border negotiations. Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah has warned Jerusalem not to ‘miscalculate’ in Lebanon.

The IDF has begun carrying out military drills in preparation for a showdown with hostile forces.

Here’s how Israeli paratroopers are preparing for a potential confrontation.

The IDF is one of the world’s most powerful military forces, also unique due to its regulated conscription of women since its formation. It is one of the most prominent institutions in Israeli society due to its influence on the country’s economy and political scene. It uses several technologies developed within Israel, with many of them made specifically to cater to its needs in its operational environment in the Levant.

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