“We Are Told to Have Sex to Ease Menstrual Pain” – Students

"We Are Told to Have Sex to Ease Menstrual Pain" - Students.

“We Are Told to Have Sex to Ease Menstrual Pain”.

"We Are Told to Have Sex to Ease Menstrual Pain" - Students.

Students of high schools in Ghana disclosed some of the reasons there have been heightened cases of teenage pregnancies and sexual immorality amongst them as an NGO interviewed some of them.

A group, Ashanti Regional Youth Network(ARYN) sought to find out from Senior High School students the factors fueling the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the Ashanti Region. According to them, the sessions were revealing.

While some students pointed to myths of easing their menstrual cramps through having sex and having sex to prevent future fibroids, others said that colleagues who refrained from sexual conduct were deemed dull and antiquated, putting them under undue pressure to have sex.

“They tell us it’s fun. They say if you don’t take part in it, you can get fibroid. They will also call you ‘john’ if you don’t join in,” another student told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador.

The report further stated that out of the 555,575 cases of teens who got pregnant in Ghana between 2016 and 2020, a whopping 89,856 cases were in the Ashanti Region – a number which they estimated will need more than twice the size of the Baba Yara Sports stadium to contain.

According to ARYN, the case is worse in the poor communities where girls trade off sex for a pittance just to buy personal effects.

To stem the tide, one of the facilitators of the program to educate the students, Savior Mensah, also a Chief Education Officer with Maristopes International said, “We taught them abstinence and other natural methods that they can adopt to protect themselves. With the information, they now know the dangers that they may lose
their fertility, lose their uterus, or even their lives if they choose to indulge in it. For those who still want to go
ahead which they are doing anyway, they will do things the right way to protect themselves.”

They also taught the participants about their menstrual cycle, complications during pregnancy arising from immature bodies, and a host of other sexually transmitted diseases.


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