We Didn’t Bring Gunmen To Kill Our People — Abatete Community, Anambra


We Didn’t Bring Gunmen To Kill Our People — Abatete Community, Anambra

THE President General of Abatete community in Idemili North local government area of Anambra State, Chief Nwajiugo Okoye has absolved the leadership of the town from the recent killings in the area, saying that his leadership never brought gunmen to kill youths.

One of the people killed was a 25 year old mechanic who was killed by gunmen on a Monday which is usually a sit at home in Anambra State.

Addressing the people of the community during its annual August convention, Okoye regretted that following the misconception by some people, youths of the community went on rampage and destroyed some property, including the town hall, Igwe’s Palace, his own house, among others.

He said: “My people, we are deeply saddened for being confronted by so much animosity, antipathy, enmity, hostility, rancour, deep -rooted bitterness and vindictiveness, all because we came to serve our people and salvage situations in Abatete.

“This has elicited hostility and antagonism in our little community. If I may ask, where is the brotherly love in this town? Which direction are we heading to? Who inflicted this injury on us?

“We are highly disappointed with the utterances from some of our young elites and adults in Abatete, who are bent on fueling crises in our town and determined to cause havoc.

“The ugly incidence of wanton destruction of properties is the aftermath of their inciting messages to the youths of our dear town.

“They may have achieved their ultimate goals in the destruction of innocent people’s properties, but of what benefit to them; if not to set-back progress in the town?

“We should note that all actions have consequences which will affect the doer of such action at some future time in his or her life.

“I never knew that all our efforts to improve our dear town was in futility and not appreciated.”

While regretting sadness over the death of some youths in the area, Okoye added: “We never brought any gunmen, whether known or unknown to kill anybody in Abatete. The unfortunate incidence occurred on the day of ‘sit-at-home’ and was between the state government taskforce and the youths.

“However, some disgruntled elements in Abatete and those that have been looking for opportunity to attack some people took advantage of the situation and assembled youths from within and outside Abatete to cause mayhem.

“What did we gain from the damages done to our town-hall, Igwe’s Palace, President General’s House, Onowu’s House and Otie’s House?

“We have only incurred more expenses for the community and incurred wrath upon ourselves and our families”.

He, however, said he secured the release of the suspects in the violent demonstration, as well as their properties at the police station not because they deserved it, but as a Christian and an elder, he needed to free his mind and move on with his life.

Source:- Vanguard

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