Why Peter Obi’s Supporters Are Excited About Peter Obi’s Visit To Ayo Fayose

Why Peter Obi’s Supporters Are Excited About Peter Obi’s Visit To Ayo Fayose

Millions of Peter Obi admirers have once again taken over the social media arena to celebrate Peter Obi’s visit to the strong man of Ekiti politics, Ayodele Fayose AKA PETER THE ROCK.

People’s names are given to them by their parents based on what they want their children to become. Fayose’s father was a pastor, and he named him Peter, which represents a rock, the foundation of the church.

As you are all aware, a rock is immovable and solid for all ages; when Fayose referred to himself as “Peter The Rock” in that famous interview with AIT, I couldn’t help but agree with him.

“My name is Peter The Rock, you hit me, you die, I hit you, you die. They will meet me in Ekiti, they should forget about hijacking Ekiti, “the power of the people is greater than those of us in power. The people are on my side.”

The essential word that drew my affirmation was “the power of the people .” Peter Obi, who is currently considered a symbol of emancipation, went to visit his namesake, and the Obidient followers are understandably pleased.

Let me explain why they are probably excited; politics is all about numbers, which in this case involves all participants; Peter Obi supporters have told him to go ahead and meet with the political class, WHILE they take it upon themselves to spread the gospel across the streets of the Federation’s 36 states. I hope you heard about Wike’s top aide’s declaration that the Rivers State governor is sympathetic to Peter Obi’s cause.

Fayose knows the streets, and any favor he can offer Peter Obi will be extremely valuable to his electoral campaign. Fayose also inspires the youths ; his bravery and frankness are two attributes that the youth admire. Nobody was born flawless, and Fayose has played his own role in the democratic process, his voice at a time served as a reassurance that citizens could speak truth to power.

According to the Obidient family, Peter Obi is doing extremely well. See photos from the internet-shattering visit.

Commentary by Oisgwe Omo-Ikirodah


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