Atiku And His Northern Brethren Killed PDP – Charles Ogbu 

Atiku And His Northern Brethren Killed PDP - Charles Ogbu

Atiku And His Northern Brethren Killed PDP – Charles Ogbu.  

  • No man alive has worked for the PDP like Wike.

Atiku And His Northern Brethren Killed PDP- Charles Ogbu 

There is a sense in which it can be argued that the Southern PDP social media boys attacking Gov Nyesom Ezenwo Wike – CON in favor of Atiku Abubakar are being guided by intestinal considerations, rather than a sense of fairness or desire to see a disagreement settled. A shame, is it not?

Truth be told, no man alive has worked for the PDP like the Rivers state governor. He, it was who has always been there for the party at ITS GREATEST HOUR OF NEED.

Before 2015 poll, Atiku and his Northern brethren practically k!lled the PDP when they divided the party before leaving in droves to join the APC, all in a bid to return power to the North.

That internal implosion spearheaded by Atiku to get back at Goodluck Jonathan for choosing to go for a 2nd term thereby blocking him (Atiku) from contesting, significantly contributed to the emergency of Muhammadu Buhari contrary to the widely held belief in some quarters that it was Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu factor that contributed more to the APC victory.

Atiku didn’t just leave the PDP with his brethren, he described it as a southern party. It was an open secret that some prominent northerners like the then chairman of the party and former Bauchi state governor, Adamu Muazu stayed with the PDP to wreck the party from within as APC mole. Or why do you think his name was never mentioned in the so called Dasuki loot?? A whole party chairman!

After losing the 2015 poll, the PDP became completely disoriented. Members were being hunted left right and center with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission weaponized by the APC, forcing a large number of them to join the ruling party.

The party’s spokesperson then, Chief Olisa Metuh was particularly scape-goated in a very vindictive manner with the connivance of justice Okon Abang who was later tongue-lashed by the appellate court for “standing the law on its head” on Metu’s case, a very heavy language to be used on any judge.

When all these were happening, it was only Wike and Ayodele Fayose who stood up and defended the party with all their might both in words and action.

Atiku, on the other hand, simply went and chilled in his adopted home in Dubai only to return to the same PDP when he was told that Buhari would be APC’s sole candidate in 2019 and the greedy PDP, desperate to unseat a Northerner with a fellow Northerner, gave him their ticket.

After he lost again, he went back to his Dubai and no one heard ‘kpim’! from him until it was time for another convention.

When there was a heavy political war for Obaseki in Edo, it was Wike that led his fellow governors to extract victory from APC’s jaw. Atiku was living his baby boy life in Dubai.

“He has never played the role of an opposition even for a day.”

All he does is appear to buy the presidential ticket during every election, contest, lost[sic] and disappear to Dubai leaving Wike and co to do the heavy work.

Now that the ticket was supposed to go to the South, he has managed to get it with the help of his brother, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal and a party chairman who was supposed to be neutral but who publicly hailed Tambuwal as a hero for stepping down for Atiku. And you expect Wike to just pledge his loyalty just like that, even in the face of sustained and unwarranted attacks from Atiku’s loyalist including media boys like Reuben Abati even when the Rivers state governor had not said a word?

The disdainful contempt with which Sule Lamido spoke about Wike on national TV few days ago, is that how people who want support speak? The national chairman referring to Wike and his group as children, is that how elders who want to resolve issues speak?

“Why does it have to even take Wike for us to know it is unfair for both the presidential candidate and the national chairman to come from the same north?”

I have no dog in this fight but I find it personally offensive when adults sacrifice fairness for coins and gold.

As the Kenyan legal god, PLO Lumumba would say, peace can only be a product of an intercourse between justice and truth. Any peace secured through another route can only be the peace of the grave yard which is no peace at all.

Charles Ogbu, a journalist, Human Right Advocate, and socio-political analyst writes from Enugu.

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