I’m 53% Nigerian – Rapper Lil Wayne Discloses After Tracing Roots

I’m 53% Nigerian – Rapper Lil Wayne

I’m 53% Nigerian – Rapper Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne [photo credit: The FADER]
American rapper, Lil Wayne has disclosed that he is Nigerian after tracing his African root back to the West African country.

The music entrepreneur disclosed this while he was a guest on Revolt TV’s “Drink Champ”. He said, “Shout out to Nigeria, I did my 23 and me ancestry dot com and my shit came back like 53% Nigerian. Yeah! Me and my mum need to have a talk,”.

Wayne, who started his music career at age 13 is a Grammy award winner, well known for his unique flair and dynamic lyrics. He actually made reference to Nigeria in his hit song, Amili.

Wayne is now one out of many other African American celebrities and citizens who have traced their ancestry to the west African country of Nigeria. Bishop T. D Jakes among others made the same discovery in recent times.

While responding to a question probing the possibility of visiting Nigeria, he said, “I gat to go to Nigeria…I gat to go see that place.”

Wayne the rapper had previously shown open interest in visiting Nigeria. His interest in the West African country peaked when industry colleagues, Future and Meghan Tee Stallion visited in 2019. While playing on stage the song, “Never Ever Have I”, he also mentioned his interest in visiting Nigeria and Egypt.


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