UK Woman, 70, Wins Lottery, To Receive $12, 000 Per Month For 30 Years

UK Woman, 70, Wins Lottery, To Receive $12, 000 Per Month For 30 Years

UK Woman, 70, Wins Lottery, To Receive $12, 000 Per Month For 30 Years

UK Woman, 70, Wins Lottery, To Receive $12, 000 Per Month For 30 Years

Dorking, England – In a remarkable stroke of luck, 70-year-old Doris Stanbridge, a resident of Dorking, England, has emerged as the winner of a life-changing lottery prize.

Mrs. Stanbridge, who celebrated her 70th birthday recently, is set to receive an astounding $12,000 every month for the next 30 years, thanks to her win in The National Lottery’s Set For Life draw.

Inspired to Reach 100

Doris Stanbridge’s unexpected windfall was a delightful surprise, as she initially thought her ticket had only won £10.

However, her life took a thrilling turn when she received an email from The National Lottery over the weekend, revealing that she had won a staggering £10,000 pounds a month for the next three decades.

Still, in disbelief, Mrs. Stanbridge sought a second opinion from her son-in-law and celebrated her incredible win with a bottle of birthday Champagne.

The official confirmation from The National Lottery the following morning cemented the reality of her good fortune.

Reflecting on her win, Mrs. Stanbridge shared her excitement, stating, “It still seems a bit strange when I think about the win and that I will get that money every month for 30 years. It gives me a reason to be around until I am 100!”

A Lucky Prompt from Nature

Mrs. Stanbridge’s winning journey began on her 70th birthday when she purchased a thousand-pound lottery ticket. At the time, she was at home with her three daughters when she noticed some money spiders in her home and garden. She took this as a sign and promptly bought a Set For Life ticket using The National Lottery’s app.

Dreams Turned into Reality

With her newfound wealth, Mrs. Stanbridge and her husband, Keith, have wasted no time treating themselves to a new bed and an air fryer. They also embarked on a memorable holiday in Cornwall with their extended family.

Looking ahead, the ecstatic couple plans to renovate their family home, which they have cherished for 50 years. Additionally, they are eagerly anticipating the opportunity to treat their loved ones to an overseas vacation. Mrs. Stanbridge enthusiastically shared, “It will be my grandson’s first trip on an airplane. I have been looking at a villa in the country with a pool, and sunshine all the time!”

A Winning Combination

Doris Stanbridge’s life-changing lottery win was sealed when she matched all the winning numbers in The National Lottery’s Set For Life draw on Thursday, August 3rd. The winning numbers were 2, 11, 17, 30, 38, and the Life Ball 3, as confirmed by The National Lottery release.

This extraordinary stroke of luck has left Mrs. Stanbridge not only financially secure for the rest of her life but also inspired her to live to the age of 100, making her a shining example of how dreams can become a reality even in one’s golden years.

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