Why I Don’t Promote Nudity with My Skits – Sabinus

Why I Don't Promote Nudity with My Skits - Sabinus

Why I Don’t Promote Nudity with My Skits – Sabinus.

Why I Don't Promote Nudity with My Skits - Sabinus

Emmanuel Chukwuemeka Ejekwu, popularly known as Sabinus, a renowned Nigerian comedian, and content creator, has opened up about his decision not to promote nudity in his skits.

Sabinus firmly believes in creating family-friendly content, which is why he refrains from incorporating nudity into his comedy routines.

During his appearance at the SMFest in Owerri, the capital of Imo State, he shed light on his stance.

Recalling certain instances, Sabinus revealed, “I have been in situations where some people would say, ‘Sabinus, I want to join your comedy [group], I can do anything.’

“I would politely decline and offer them a specific role to play.”

He further recounted an incident during a shoot when a girl expressed reluctance to tie a wrapper. In response, Sabinus explained, “My sister, that is what I love. That is what suits the story.”

He emphasized that while it may be necessary to have an attractive female character, it is not essential for her to showcase explicit body parts.

Sabinus focuses on delivering comedy that is entertaining and suitable for all audiences.

By consciously avoiding nudity in his skits, Sabinus upholds his commitment to creating content that can be enjoyed by families and individuals of all ages.

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