Do Not Vote For PDP If You Believe In Equitable Power Rotation – Rev Oluoma

Bringing Atiku forth shows that PDP is lying all the while and is interested only in capturing power.

A Catholic Priest, Rev. Fr. John Chinenye Oluoma has called on Nigerians not to vote for the Peoples Democratic Party for jettisioning the gentlemanly agreement to rotate power between the south and the north.

He took to Twitter to urge Nigerians to do the right thing by voting for justice in 2023.

He wrote:

“In 2019 nobody from the entire South contested the PDP primaries because everyone believed in the “gentlemanly agreement” that power will remain in the North. Atiku contested it with fellow northerners and won

The same Atiku and his PDP goons from North and South scuttled that arrangement and emerged as presidential flag bearer for the 2023 elections. Forget the APC’s Muslim-Muslim ticket, the source of the whole problem is PDP. If APC has failed woefully as PDP claimed

Then anybody from the southern region, even the worse performing governor should easily beat anyone APC brings out.

Bringing Atiku forth shows that PDP is lying all the while and is interested only in capturing power.

Who else will spend heaven and earth to achieve this than Atiku whose thirst for power is unmatched?

If you are a sincere voter from the South and believes in equity and fairness, you can’t consider PDP as an option, no way.

You can’t be crying with us against APC’S Muslim-muslim ticket and still be rooting for PDP, that’d make you a shameless hypocrite from the South.

If you are also a sincere voter form the North and believes in the “gentlemanly” agreement of equitable power rotation between the south and north, you can’t also consider PDP as an option in this election, no way. I am not telling you who to vote, I am simply telling you who not to vote if equity, sincerity and honesty mean anything to you.

Let me come and be going first”

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