Nigerian Gets Presidential Applause in Uganda

Nigerian Gets Presidential Applause in Uganda


Nigerian Gets Presidential Applause in Uganda.

Emeka Akaezuwa Gets Presidential Applause

Emeka Akaezuwa Gets Presidential Applause for Inventing Electric Bikes In Uganda

A Nigerian man has gotten presidential applause in Uganda for inventing electric bikes in the country. Media sources identified the Nigerian man as a talented engineer and scientist in Uganda. His name is Professor Emeka Akaezuwa and he is said to be the Vice Chancellor of the International University of East Africa in Uganda.

Meet the Nigerian man who got Ugandan presidential applause for leading a team to invent electric bikes in Uganda

It is often said that Nigerians love to show their strength, talents, and creativity wherever they find themselves across the world. This has just been proven once again by Professor Emeka Akaezuwa who is now praised for inventing electric bikes in Uganda.

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Despite being a Nigerian man working as Vice Chancellor of a school in Uganda, he is still giving all his best to improve the country in his own way. The engineer led a team of talented researchers to build electric motorbikes that are fully functional. As a matter of fact, the bikes are said to be plying public roads already in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.

The Nigerian professor who developed electric motorbikes in Uganda has gotten wider recognition. Press reports claim that President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda recently applauded the project led by the Nigerian man.

The Ugandan president described the electric motorbikes project as “groundbreaking”. He mentioned that e-bikes would serve as a good solution for people facing fuel problems in Uganda. Also, e-bikes are obviously a great means of departing from petrol-powered vehicles.

What is more interesting about the Nigerian man’s project is that he developed electric bikes using local talents in Uganda. It feels so good always to see Nigerians abroad doing great things and making the nation proud overseas.

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