Google Officially Launches Android 13

Google Officially Launches Android 13


Google Officially Launches Android 13.

Google Officially Launches Android 13

Google has officially launched Android 13 and is currently rolling out to supported Pixel phones. This latest version of Android offers greater customization, improved audio, and tighter security and privacy controls.

Google published a blog post on Monday where the latest features and updates in Android 13 were detailed.

As Android 13 just got released, it’s not yet available to a wide community of Android users but has reached a few devices so far. Only users of Google Pixel smartphones like a Pixel 4 or higher can enjoy the new OS for now.

If you are in that category and wish to use the new Android 13, go to the “Settings” screen on your phone and check the “System Update” setting. However, as new phones are manufactured later in the year, including brands from Samsung, Motorola, OnePlus, and Vivo, they will all ship with the new Android 13.

Android 13 Features

Android 13 lets you customize the icons for both Google apps and third-party apps, to match your wallpaper theme and colors. A long press on the home screen gives you the ability to select Wallpaper and style. You can then outfit your screen with different wallpaper images, themes, and colors.

Also, if you speak and work with different languages, you now have the power to control how and where you use each language, say at work or in any other personal space. For example, you can assign one language to your phone’s overall system while different apps can specifically be assigned different languages.

One powerful feature users will enjoy in Android 13 is the ability to copy content from one Android device to another. When you copy text, an image, or a hyperlink from your phone, you can now paste it onto your tablet, or vice versa. For this to work, the sending device must run Android 13, while the receiving device must be on Android 6 or higher.

There is also an improved Media Player which changes its display based on your current music or podcast. While listening to a specific song or album, for instance, and the player will show you the related album art complete with a playback bar that moves as the song plays. In another audio enhancement, the Spatial Audio feature changes the source of the sound based on how you move your head, providing a more immersive experience.

There is support for Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) Audio, a Bluetooth standard that strives for lower latency. This means that your audio will better sync with the source without the delay that sometimes occurs with standard audio.

On security and privacy, Android 13 brings with it a new way of granting permissions to apps as well as copied text that has your email or credit card information in the text. With the OS, you won’t have to share your entire photo library with apps that request access. Instead, you can share only specific photos and videos.

When copying content to the clipboard, any sensitive data, such as your email address or account credentials, will automatically be cleared after a short period of time. And any app that wants to send you notifications must first ask your permission rather than sending them by default.

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