Group Slams Abati Over Comments On Wike

Group Slams Abati Over Comments On Wike

THE Niger Delta Youth Leadership Forum, NDYLF, has slammed the former Presidential Spokesman and Arise TV anchor, Dr. Reuben Abati over his comments that leaders of the Peoples Democratic Party ,PDP, were condoning the alleged excesses of Gov. Nyosom Wike of Rivers State.

According to the group, Abati’s outburst is a clear attempt to malign and denigrate Governor Wike and the PDP leaders with the description that they are “hungry men who allowed Wike to take over the party”.

President of the Niger Delta Youth Leadership Forum ,NDYLF, Richard Akinaka, in a statement Tuesday, accused Abati of doing a hatchet job, adding that it is a clear indication that it is a case of vendetta against Gov. Wike.

Akinaka said “This unholy political affiliation and alliance with those who may have commissioned him to use his platform to disparage the character of supposed political enemies.

“Reuben has so far in his conduct not just on Wike but other previous altercation with guests on his program demonstrated his partisanship, hence, he is not fit to be on such platforms anymore.

His attitude so far is a demonstration that he has failed to remove the sweetness of the lollipop (in his own words) attached to his former office as presidential spokesman (where he performed woefully) and would want to return such office to correct his previous failures.

“Wike’s records as a successful career lawyer and politician is an open book for even the blind to read and deaf to hear, having rose to a member of the of benchers, from Council Chairman to Chief of Staff, to Minister, to one of the best governors in the history of Nigeria and above all a presidential aspirant who was an embodiment of the aspiration of the entire South as evident in the widespread support he enjoys which is clear frustration to Reuben’s interest.

“Reuben’s activities in recent times could be perceived as though he did not work for his former boss – Jonathan from the South in 2015 because some of us are just coming to terms with how he was unable to inform Nigerians on the good things of the Goodluck’s presidency, maybe it was part of his failure.

In politics, his only achievement was an attempt to be a factional deputy governorship candidate of the PDP in Ogun State which he failed.”

“If Arise TV wants Nigerians to take it serious and value their services, they must urgently purge the station of public relations contractors.

To some of us unlike the Abati’s, what Wike did for the PDP was an act of excellent leadership to keep our democracy competitive.”

Source:- Vanguard

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