Segun Awosanya (segalink) Analyses Youth Factor In 2023 Epections (video) 

Segun Awosanya (segalink) Analyses Youth Factor In 2023 Epections


The youth have a great deal of responsibility in the coming election and must not waste the opportunity to make an impact towards the making of the Nigeria of their dreams.

Our youth needs guidance. They play a major role in the electioneering process than they would admit. Rather than play politics with politicians they can band together and take their destiny into their own hands by taking this seriously. Politics unlike reality TV shows have real life consequences.

The 2023 elections is far more critical than any other and the focus must be on the issues/substance and not the spectacle.

If irrelevances are demanded over critical issues, the media has bills to pay and this is all they will supply. Focus must be on Competence, Capability, Conscientiousness, character, credibility and clarity. The country is in dire straits and we need to fix the leadership problem.

Custodians of societal behavior need to be more responsible. Voting is for adults and this speaks to maturity. It is not for the ignorant seeking to be told who to vote for. We should know the issues and connect them to the candidate that mirrors our aspiration as a people.

There is a reason behind manifesto. The people should study it before the noise begins and ask critical questions.

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