World’s largest Snake Discovered in Amazon Rainforest Shocks Scientists

World's largest Snake Discovered in Amazon Rainforest Shocks Scientists

World’s largest Snake Discovered in Amazon Rainforest Shocks Scientists.

World's largest Snake Discovered in Amazon Rainforest Shocks Scientists

Scientists have stumbled upon the world’s largest snake, 26-foot-long Anaconda deep within the Amazon rainforest.

This large creature, a giant anaconda measuring a staggering 26 feet in length and weighing a whopping 440 pounds, has astounded researchers with its sheer size and magnitude.

The remarkable find was made by TV wildlife presenter, Professor Freek Vonk, during a National Geographic expedition. This previously undocumented species of anaconda, believed to be the largest and heaviest snake in existence, has been aptly named ‘Eunectes akayima’, or the Northern Green Anaconda.

The discovery happened during the filming of the National Geographic Disney+ series ‘Pole to Pole’, featuring renowned actor Will Smith.

In a video shared on Instagram, Professor Vonk can be seen swimming alongside the massive anaconda, showcasing the awe-inspiring encounter.


According to the Independent, the anaconda’s head is said to be comparable in size to that of a human. With a body as thick as a car tire, these formidable predators are known for their lightning-fast movements and ability to overpower prey with ease.

While the region was believed to be home to a single species of Green Anaconda, further research by Professor Vonk and his team of scientists has revealed the existence of a distinct species, the Northern Green Anaconda.

As described in the journal Diversity, the newly identified anaconda species diverged from its southern counterpart approximately 10 million years ago, boasting significant genetic differences.

Bryan Fry, the expedition’s leader and biologist at the University of Queensland, emphasized the magnitude of these genetic variations, likening them to the differences between humans and chimpanzees.

This discovery holds critical implications for the conservation of anacondas and their ecosystems. As apex predators, anacondas play a vital role in maintaining ecological balance, making their preservation essential for the health of the Amazon rainforest.

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