Israel Attacks Gaza Killing Top Islamic Jihad Commander

Israel Attacks Gaza Killing Top Islamic Jihad Commander

Israel Attacks Gaza Killing Top Islamic Jihad Commander.

Israel Attacks Gaza Killing Top Islamic Jihad Commander

Earlier today, after several weeks of tension following the arrest of a top  Palestinian leader Bassam al-Saadi, Israel attacked an enclave in the Gaza strip.

It is also gathered that the ongoing conflict does not have Hamas, a Palestinian armed terrorist group, involved in the melee. However, according to Aljazeera, further escalations of the conflict could lead to a long drawn out war-situation that could draw them into the fight.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) fired more than 100 rockets at Israel from the besieged Gaza Strip after Israel pounded the enclave with missile strikes, killing 10 people including a senior commander.

Earlier on Friday, Israel launched a series of attacks across the Gaza Strip, killing Taysir al-Jabari, a commander of the Al Quds Brigades, the military arm of Islamic Jihad.

Among those killed was a five-year-old girl, while 65 others suffered various injuries, according to the Gaza health ministry.

The Israeli attacks followed days of tension with Islamic Jihad after the arrest of senior Palestinian leader Bassam al-Saadi in the occupied West Bank city of Jenin.

Meanwhile, there were civilian casualties from the strike which killed a little girl and her father.

“We are all in shock”, says the family of the slain five-year-old girl.

Alaa Qaddoum, a five-year-old girl, was killed during Israel’s initial string of attacks on the al-Shuja’iya neighborhood. She was killed along with her father Abdullah, while her brother suffered injuries, according to her maternal uncle.

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Mohammad Abu Jabal said Alaa had gone out with her father and brother to a supermarket when the motorcycle they were on was hit during an Israeli attack.

“A motorcycle was bombed directly, killing her, her father, and a third person and injuring her brother,” Abu Jabal said.

“Her mother, Rasha, is in great shock. She lost her daughter and her husband in a blink of an eye … We are all shocked,” he said.

“What happened was very surprising. What is the fault of an innocent five-year-old girl to be killed in this way?
How long will the Israeli occupation continue to attack the Gaza Strip in this way? We are tired!”

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  1. The Israel-Palestinian conflict obviously has no end in sight. This makes one to understand the seriousness of Biblical prophecy which is now evident that this world would soon experience an apocalyptic episode as foretold in the book of revelations

  2. Kai Ahmed. See how you people use to reason. Wipe kee you there. Was Arabs in that land before? How did they migrate there and start claiming Jewish lands. Israel should show them shege

  3. This their fight no get end. Israel sef no get joy. Palestine pipo sef be like rat wey de find elephant trouble. Everybody shud getting.

    Meanwhile nice blogging platform 👍

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