Israeli Intelligence Unearths Elaborate Planning Behind October 7 Hamas Attacks

Israeli Intelligence Unearths Elaborate Planning Behind October 7 Hamas Attacks

Israeli Intelligence Unearths Elaborate Planning Behind October 7 Hamas Attacks.

Israeli Intelligence Unearths Elaborate Planning Behind October 7 Hamas Attacks

Jerusalem, December 5, 2023 – In a startling development, Israeli intelligence officers have revealed that the October 7 Hamas attacks on southern Israel were meticulously planned over several years, showcasing an unprecedented level of detail and readiness.

Digital devices and documents recovered from Hamas militants shed light on tactical plans, objectives, and operational specifics, providing insight into an assault designed to “break people’s spirit.”

The material, sourced from deceased or captured Palestinian gunmen, includes data from mobile phones, computers, tablets, GPS devices, GoPro cameras, maps, and notebooks.

Anonymous intelligence officers, speaking on condition of anonymity, disclosed that these records detail years of strategic planning aimed at orchestrating an assault with a profound impact.

On October 7, hundreds of Hamas militants, along with allied Gaza forces, stormed into southern Israel, resulting in the tragic loss of over 1,200 lives, predominantly civilians. Israeli officials reported approximately 240 hostages being taken during the attack.

In response, Israel carried out relentless bombardments and a ground offensive, resulting in the death of around 15,900 individuals, according to Gaza’s health ministry.

To analyze the obtained information, Israel has reactivated the Amshat military intelligence unit, initially established after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. The unit is tasked with decoding millions of pieces of electronic data and deciphering numerous Arabic documents. The discovered records collectively constitute a “battle plan,” characterized by an unprecedented level of detail and readiness.

Among the trove of findings were detailed tactical plans stored on computers, complete with objectives, unit names, mission assignments, operational specifics, timings, and a comprehensive list of required weapons. Hand-drawn diagrams of military outposts, satellite photos, and precise plans of attacked kibbutzim were discovered on the bodies of deceased fighters. The intelligence officers suspect insider information contributed to the detailed knowledge of kibbutz layouts.

Training materials on hostage-taking, including checklists and phrasebooks, were also recovered. A revealed checklist instructs militants to blindfold and restrain adult hostages, with a directive to “kill those who cause problems or seek to escape.” A conversation guide with approximately 50 Hebrew expressions was also among the findings.

Surprisingly, certain documents unrelated to the October 7 attack were deemed of high military value, indicating a level of complexity beyond the immediate assault. Ongoing analysis aims to identify critical insights and strategic nuances.

The revelations have significantly deepened the understanding of the October 7 Hamas attacks, leaving Israeli authorities grappling with the extent of the meticulously orchestrated assault.

The unexpected discoveries, including a detailed map of southern Gaza and images of Gaza tunnels, further highlight the intricacies of the conflict, as the region continues to navigate the aftermath of this devastating event.

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