Tension Rises Between Israel and US as Gaza Death Toll Mounts

Tension Rises Between Israel and US as Gaza Death Toll Mounts.

Tension Rises Between Israel and US as Gaza Death Toll Mounts

Late last week, the United States announced plans to construct a pier to deliver aid to civilians in Gaza, as food shortages persist and relief organizations warn of famine amidst Israel’s ongoing assault.

During a recent public exchange, tensions between Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu regarding Israel’s conflict with Hamas have become increasingly apparent. The almost daily phone calls between the two leaders have ceased for months, giving way to public disputes.

President Biden demanded that the Israeli leader “pay more attention to the innocent lives being lost,” emphasizing the need for humanitarian considerations amidst the conflict. Netanyahu swiftly responded, dismissing Biden’s remarks as unfounded.

The public disagreement marks a significant departure from the previous cooperation between the two leaders following the deadliest attacks in Israel’s history by Hamas. Despite the collaborative efforts in delivering military and diplomatic support, the escalating death toll, with over 30,000 casualties reported by the Hamas-run Gaza health ministry, has strained relations.

Biden was captured on a hot mic saying a forthcoming “come-to-Jesus” meeting with Netanyahu is needed, indicating a heightened level of urgency. This followed the recent visit of Benny Gantz, a key member of Israel’s leadership, to Washington for high-level discussions.

The Biden administration, while continuing to provide military support to Israel, has also intervened to deliver direct humanitarian aid to Gaza. However, tensions persist as concerns mount over civilian casualties and suffering.

The growing discord between Biden and Netanyahu reflects deeper ideological differences. The US has expressed concerns over Israel’s approach to minimizing civilian casualties, particularly among Palestinians with no affiliation with Hamas. Reports of starvation and dire living conditions in Gaza have further exacerbated the situation.

As pressure mounts on Biden to take a firmer stance against Israel, both domestically and internationally, the rift between the two leaders has become increasingly evident. The Biden administration faces calls to reassess its support for Israel, especially from liberal and younger demographics within the US.

The recent deaths of Gazans seeking aid in February have served as a turning point, prompting renewed scrutiny of Israel’s actions. While Israel maintains that the casualties resulted from a stampede, US officials have raised questions about the treatment of civilians in conflict zones.

With concerns over Netanyahu’s leadership mounting, US intelligence agencies have speculated about the possibility of political unrest in Israel. The Biden administration is reportedly exploring post-conflict solutions, including regional arrangements involving neighboring states.

As tensions persist, the conflict between Israel and Hamas continues to dominate international headlines, with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza worsening by the day. The coming weeks are likely to witness further diplomatic maneuvers and attempts to address the escalating violence and instability in the region.

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